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When we host star parties, there are usually larger crowds in attendance than we have volunteers to support them.  Last week at John Paul Landing Park, just north of Katy, sometimes I had as many as twenty people in line at my one position.  Usually, I didn't even have a moment to look around at what the other volunteers were doing.  Guests would ask about the other telescopes and what they were observing.  I simply did not know because I was busy with my group...but, I did point out they were aimed in some other direction from mine, which was generally enough to pique their curiosity.

From weekends at the George Observatory, to Astronomy In the Park at League City, to the events scattered around town, we could use more support.  It is a great way to stay on top of "what's up", learn more about your equipment, and make new friends.

Or, have your own star party.  Here in Fulshear, all I must do is set up my telescope in an area with foot traffic, and’s a party!!!

Newbies: don't be concerned at your lack of knowledge, we will help guide you to new levels of joy.  Experience will come rapidly.  Even at your level as a beginner, I can almost guarantee you will know more than 90% of your guests. At a school "Science Night"...all bets are off. More challenges, more fun.

Every time I hear a "Wow", or "Mommy, look at this!", it sends chills up and down my spine. Wows come from kids and adults alike.

Jim King