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Founded in 1955, Houston Astronomical Society is an active community of enthusiastic amateur and professional astronomers with over 60 years of history in the Houston area. Through education and outreach, our programs promote science literacy and astronomy awareness. We meet on the first Friday of each month at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center. Membership has a variety of benefits, including access to a secure dark site west of Houston, a telescope loaner program, and much more. Joining is simple; you can sign up online, by mail or in person at a monthly meeting.

Letter from the President - January 2020

2020 – A Year for Involvement

37958651_10212934733226207_4498753830518784000_n.jpgHappy New Year and here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2020 ahead!

Before I begin, though, I’d like to take a moment to thank Don Selle and all of the previous year’s leaders for their commitment and dedication to the Houston Astronomical Society.  I know many of our leaders are continuing on in some capacity with the club in 2020, but their contributions in 2019 are very well appreciated, and they are the reason why the club is able to provide all of the great amenities it does for our membership.

The new year is a time for renewal and resolutions – an opportunity to reflect on the year that’s just passed and to commit to making things better in the upcoming trip around our sun.  Some of those resolutions we make are purely aspirational and are almost a byproduct of the calendar flip.  Heck, I’ve been saying that I’m going to lose those stubborn pounds at the gym every January for years now.  However, other resolutions are an opportunity to really focus on doing things that improve our lives or make us happy in some simple way.

A few years ago, after some time away from astronomy, I vowed to spend more time observing when I could.  Work commitments and two very young children made it difficult to spend a full night at the dark site, but spending one night a month observing from my driveway was a vast improvement over what I had been doing (my poor telescopes had collected dust for several years). And so, one cool winter evening in 2012, I unpacked my LX200 telescope, set up in my driveway, and began observing Saturn.  I didn’t spend a long time observing that night – perhaps an hour in total – but getting a chance to look at the ringed planet for the first time in years rekindled the love I had for astronomy.  At that moment, I reconnected with the hobby I fell in love with as a kid. 

Though I’d been a member of the Houston Astronomical Society for at least 10 years at that point, it had been at least 7 years since I’d attended a meeting or reconnected with some of the people I had met in my early days as a member of the club.  I then attended the next month’s meeting at the University of Houston, met other members I hadn’t known before, and was reinvigorated for the hobby.  Several months later, I volunteered to help Debbie Moran at an outreach event for a Girl Scouts troop, and, well, the rest is history.

So, as we say goodbye to 2019 and wave hello to 2020, I ask those of you who haven’t been outside to observe in quite some time to make a resolution to do so more this year.  Attend a club meeting and get to know others in our society who will hopefully help inspire you to learn more about astronomy and grow as observers.  Find a good program from the Astronomical League, such as the Universe Sampler (created by our own Amelia Goldberg), or Beyond Polaris, and commit to completing the program.  And lastly, join a committee at HAS – whether it is Outreach, Membership, Field Trip & Observing, or anything else.  You will spend more time doing astronomy when you surround yourself with others who share the same interests as you.

We’ll talk more about volunteering with the club next month, but for now, get outside and look up.  I promise you won’t regret it!

Clear Skies,

Joe Khalaf
President, Houston Astronomical Society

Asterisms - Barbecue Fork

(Posted 1/14/2020)

By: Steve Goldberg

Asterism: a grouping of stars that form a recognizable pattern.

Constellation: Taurus
Right Ascension:  05h 43m 00.0s
Declination: +21° 20' 00"
Magnitude: 8 to 11
Size: 1.5 degrees


Meeting at Mendenhall

2020 JanMtg.PNG


Old friends, new members, and visitors start the new year at the January HAS meetings at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Rd, Houston, TX 77055.

From top left going clockwise: Speaker Don Selle, good friends Larry Mitchell, Don Selle, Dana Lambert, Jayne Lambert, and Sue Conner Medders at the Astro Cafe, Doug McCormick gives announcements to attendees, Kat Pederson signs in attendees using the new badge sysem.

Posted by: rene-gedaly Link: https://www.astronomyhouston.org/content/meeting-mendenhall

Time to Renew Your Membership for 2020


Time to RENEW YOUR HAS MEMBERSHIP so you can take your 2020 Dark Site Training January 1st and get the new gate code before it changes on March 7th! HAS memberships run from 1 January to December 31. Fortunately, renewing your membership is fast and easy!

As a renewing member you will continue to be part of one of the most active and fun astronomy clubs in Texas and continue to have access to our member benefits including:

  • Supporting our active outreach programs which show the night sky to school children and the public, and encourages interest in STEM activities
  • Access to our controlled access dark sky observing site in Columbus
  • Active Novice Astronomer programs including Nite Sky Labs at our dark sky site which teach you how to use your telescope and navigate the night sky
  • Access to our growing library of online videos of presentations of interest to both Novice and Seasoned Astronomers alike

Membership dues are a bargain. Dues amounts:

  • Regular - $36/year
  • Associate - $6 (lives at same address as regular member)
  • Student - $12 (full-time student)
  • Sustaining - $50 or more (if you want to give a little extra to keep the club strong)

As always there are three ways to renew:

  1. Renew online with PayPal - Login to your account at https://www.astronomyhouston.org/members/renew
    We greatly appreciate if you pay by PayPal because it automates the process.  With 500 members, it saves us a lot of work.
  2. Renew at a monthly meeting and pay by check or cash.
  3. Mail a check the old-fashioned way to Treasurer, Houston Astronomical Society, PO Box 6657, Katy, TX 77491.

We hope that you will continue to support HAS and look forward to seeing you at our next meeting or event at the Columbus dark sky site! — Mike Edstrom

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