Asterisms - Coat Hanger, Collinder 399

Original article appears in GuideStar July, 2017.

By: Steve Goldberg

Asterism: a grouping of stars that form a recognizable pattern.


Constellation: Vulpecula

Right Ascension: 19 h, 26 m 12s

Declination: 20o 06’ 00”

Magnitude:  3.6

Size: 60’ (minutes)


The “Coat Hanger” is a group of stars in the constellation Vulpecula, between Cygnus and Sagitta. It is easily located between the star Albireo in Cygnus and the 2 brightest stars in Sagitta: Alpha and Beta. This open cluster has the official names of Collinder 399 (CR 399) and OCL 113 (Open Cluster).

This object is seen easier in binoculars than with a telescope. And is a good object at public outreach events if you use binoculars.                                         




This object was featured on “Astronomy Picture of the Day” on Dec 23, 2008.

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