August 2013 Monthly Meeting

August 02, 2013: August 2013 Monthly Meeting

Novice Meeting: 7:00PM
Novice Meeting Topic: 
Sketching Planets
Novice Meeting Speaker: 
Scott Mitchell
General Meeting: 8:00PM
General Meeting Topic: 
The Sky IS Falling, and Other Astrometric Adventures
General Meeting Speaker: 
Dr. Fritz Benedict, Senior Research Scientist, McDonald Observatory
About the General Meeting Presentation

Astrometry, one of the oldest forms of astronomy, remains valuable. With Hubble Space Telescope we continue to contribute to the hot topics of exoplanets (planetary sizes, masses, and composition(!)) and stellar astrophysics (the intrinsic brightnesses of stars that go “boom”). As for the falling sky, yes, it is an astrometric result. But you’ll have to come and find out why and when.

Parking and Directions (View Map)

Meetings are held in the Science & Research building at the University of Houston Main Campus. The novice meeting is in room 116, the general meeting is in room 117.

NOTE NEW PARKING INFORMATION: Parking is available in lot 15C. Refer to the Google Map below for directions. This parking is available from 6:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. on the Friday night of the HAS meeting.

This parking is free. If you get a notice from the UH campus police on the night of the meeting, call the UH Security office and let them know that this area has been made available on HAS meeting night by the Parking Department.

Map to Parking

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