Rained Out Information

HAS uses RAINEDOUT.NET to communicate late breaking updates about our various events. You can expect very little RainedOut traffic. Message delivery is via SMS text messaging and e-mail. There are several ways to subscribe, too. If you would like to receive these notices via text messaging directly to your phone, subscribe to any of the sub-groups which interest you as follows:

Text OUTREACH to 84483 to enroll for alerts about public outreach events.
Text STARPARTY to 84483 to enroll for alerts about members only star parties, typically held at our dark site.
Text URBAN to 84483 to enroll for alerts about our "Urban Observing" events.
Text MEETINGS to 84483 to enroll for alerts about our regular meetings.

You will receive a confirmation message back for each successful enrollment.

You may also enroll your phone numbers or individual e-mail addresses via the website: Here's a shorted link to get you there: http://goo.gl/evrGsR

For more information, please visit RAINEDOUT.NET.

RainedOut notices will also automatically be sent to our e-mail list. Note that regular e-mail list conversations are not part of RainedOut communications and will not be sent to your phone as part of this service. Instructions to sign up for the e-mail list (a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the club) are found here: http://www.astronomyhouston.org/about/email-list.

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HAS has begun using RainedOut, a text message service, to communicate late-breaking news about events. Click here to learn more and subscribe!

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