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HAS maintains a List Server to support community and discussion between members. A List Server is an email arrangement where messages sent by any one subscriber will be received by all the subscribers. Traffic on the list is fairly light; expect no more than a few messages per day during high volume periods.

How to Subscribe to the HAS List Server

  • To subscribe, send an e-mail to
  • Please include your name and email
  • Your HAS membership will be verified, then you will be added to the Netslyder List Server

How to Unsubscribe to the HAS List Server

  • Compose an email message to:
  • Be sure to set the From address in the message to the email address you have been using to send and receive messages.
  • In the subject line, remove all text; the subject line should be blank
  • In the body of the message, remove all text and images that may have been automatically added, including signature or tag line at the bottom of your email.
  • In the body of the email message, type the following single line of text: unsubscribe has
  • Send the message

Post a message to the HAS List Server

  • Compose an email message to:
  • Set the from address to the same email address you used when you subscribed
  • Send the message

Rules and Etiquette

  • Limit attachment size to 100kb
  • Limit content to discussions that are of interest to most subscribers, which include members of the society, and nonmembers wanting to stay in touch with the society. If your message is intended for a small subset of subscribers, we ask that you use a different method.
  • "For Sale" messages, by HAS members of used astronomy related equipment, are permitted. Dealer or commercial sales messages are prohibited.
  • Use of obscene or offensive language of any sort is unacceptable. Offenders will be removed from the list.
  • Collection of user email addresses for commercial or marketing purposes is prohibited
View HAS List Server Policies and Recommendations for Use

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