July 2016

Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower on Slooh

On Thursday, July 28, at 7:00 PM CDT, Slooh* hosted a special broadcast of the 2016 Delta Aquariid Meteor shower, with live views from four countries, plus extended morning coverage courtesy of Slooh’s friends at Weathernews Japan. Watch the recorded event now or try for clear skies in the hours before dawn through mid August. And then it’s time for the flashier Perseids. Will 2016 see a Perseids outburst?

* Slooh is a robotic telescope service that can be viewed live through a web browser with Flash plug-in.

You can go to Slooh.com to join and watch this live broadcast, snap and share your own photos during the event, chat with audience members and interact with the hosts, and personally control Slooh’s telescopes.

Presidents of HAS

President Years Inclusive
Rene Gedaly 2015-present
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Update: IDA Gift from HAS

2016 Matching Gift Challenge

Thanks to you, our generous members, H.A.S. donated $575 to the International Dark Skies Matching Gift Challenge. Matched dollar for dollar, that’s an outstanding $1,150 to help IDA protect our skies! That’s not the whole story; we understand some of you members donated to IDA through your company’s matching gifts program, effectively quadrupaling your gift!

Pop-up Work Party at the Dark Site: Saturday July 9 @ 9:00 a.m.

We have a work day scheduled this coming Saturday at the Dark Site. To better prepare for this event we would like to get a head count of attending members. We plan on starting about 9:00 and working up till about noon or until it just gets too hot.

The goal is to finish out the ceiling joists, rafters, and finish the sheathing up around the the outside walls.

With a good turn out this can be accomplished!

An ice chest with water and gator aid would really be appreciated if some one could volunteer to furnish this!!

Please let us know if you can help, we need you. RSVP to [email protected].

Ed F

HAS Texas 45 Honor Roll

tx45logosmall.jpgAre you interested in developing skills in observational astronomy? Head out to Columbus for the HAS Texas 45! Observers who successfully complete this observing program will be presented both a pin and a certificate of completion at the HAS general membership meeting. Program details: https://www.astronomyhouston.org/programs/has-texas-45

The following members have completed the HAS Texas 45 observing program. Congratulations!

  • Steve Fast, gold level award, all star hopping, certificate #1
  • Rob Torrey, silver level award, all 65, certificate #2
  • Rene Gedaly, gold level award, all star hopping, certificate #3
  • Chris Thiede, gold level award, all star hopping, certificate #4
  • Amelia Goldberg, silver level award, star hop 45, certificate #5
  • Craig Lamison, gold level, all star hopping, certificate #6
  • Clayton Jeter, gold level award, all star hopping, certificate #7
  • Brian Cudnik, silver level award, all 65, certificate #8
  • Steve Goldberg, silver level award, star hop 45, certificate #9

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