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HAS Email List Policies and Recommendations for Use


The HAS Email List is for the private (non-commercial) use of members of the Houston Astronomical Society for the communication of information that is of general interest to HAS members.

Acceptable Use

  • Announcements of upcoming events – astronomical, organizational, star parties, etc.
  • Occasional selling or giving away items of astronomical interest that are the personal (non-business) property of the sender.
  • Links to articles or photographs that are of interest to amateur astronomers.
  • Links to astronomical images.
  • Requests for assistance—star parties, product recommendations, observing techniques.
  • Posting images less than 100k.

Unacceptable Use

  • Postings which are not of general interest to amateur astronomers.
  • Communication intended to disparage others.
  • Political statements or referrals to similar content.
  • Offensive language or material, including pornography.
  • Posting any copyrighted material to include images, music, movies, news articles, etc.
  • Repeated or egregious violations which will result in loss of list access.

Commercial Use

  • The commercial promotion of products or services via the email distribution list is discouraged.
  • Commercial announcements to the HAS email list are available for $50 per list posting.


  • Be aware that an email ‘reply’ to a post on the email list sends that reply to all subscribers of the email list. In many cases, a direct reply to the original sender is better. Examples of replies that should be made directly include – ‘Nice Photo’, ‘Thanks for the information’, etc.
  • Avoid carrying on conversations via the email list. Again, all posts to the email list go to all subscribers.