Nominating Committee Proposes Slates for 2018

The Nominating Committee proposes two slates for 2018. The second slate will be voted on if the bylaws pass that expand the number of directors. Otherwise, the first slate stands. Non-elected leadership for 2018 also appears below.

2018 1st Slate.PNG2018 2nd Slate.PNG

2018 Non elected.PNG

Due to several factors including the effects of Harvey causing the cancellation of our September meeting and the temporary suspension of publication of The GuideStar, this article, emails and other communications will act as notice to the HAS membership of the Nominating Committee’s proposed slate for election of Officers, Directors and Committee Chairpersons for 2018.

The election will be held at the annual meeting of HAS to be held Friday November 3, 2017 at 8:00pm at U of H. At the annual meeting, in addition to the slate proposed, nominations will be taken from the members attending, for any or all elected offices of HAS.

The Nominating Committee, with the following members: Don Selle – Chair, Mark Ferraz, Sherry Irby, Joe Khalaf, Chris Ober having been appointed by the HAS Board of Directors submits the slate of candidates above for election to serve in 2018:

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