HAS Forum Rules And Procedures

Only active HAS club members in good standing can post to the forum

Club members *do not* need to register to post on this forum. The forum membership database is synchronized with the main HAS site database.

Log in to http://www.astronomyhouston.org and click the forum tab, you will be authenticated without having to re-enter a username and password.

Registrations submited via the forum registration system are ignored, as the club has no way of verifying that registrations come from active HAS club members.

If you have an issue with the automatic forum login (e.g., you login on http://www.astronomyhouston.org, click on the forum tab, and are unable to post or whatnot), clear cookies, logout and try again. If that doesn't work, reset your password on http://www.astronomyhouston.org to force the systems to synchronize

If you're an HAS member and you don't have an account on http://www.astronomyhouston.org, contact the HAS webmaster.

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