HAS Email List Policies and Recommendations for Use


The HAS Email List is for the private (non-commercial) use of members of the Houston Astronomical Society for the communication of information that is of general interest to HAS members.

Acceptable Use

  • Announcements of upcoming events – astronomical, organizational, star parties, etc.
  • Occasional selling or giving away items of astronomical interest that are the personal (non-business) property of the sender.
  • Links to articles or photographs that are of interest to amateur astronomers.
  • Links to astronomical images.
  • Requests for assistance—star parties, product recommendations, observing techniques.
  • Posting images less than 100k.

Unacceptable Use

  • Postings which are not of general interest to amateur astronomers.
  • Communication intended to disparage others.
  • Political statements or referrals to similar content.
  • Offensive language or material, including pornography.
  • Posting any copyrighted material to include images, music, movies, news articles, etc.
  • Repeated or egregious violations which will result in loss of list access.

Commercial Use

  • The commercial promotion of products or services via the email distribution list is discouraged.
  • Commercial announcements to the HAS email list are available for $50 per list posting.


  • Be aware that an email ‘reply’ to a post on the email list sends that reply to all subscribers of the email list. In many cases, a direct reply to the original sender is better. Examples of replies that should be made directly include – ‘Nice Photo’, ‘Thanks for the information’, etc.
  • Avoid carrying on conversations via the email list. Again, all posts to the email list go to all subscribers. In addition to responding directly to the sender, visit the forum on the HAS web site where conversations can take place without creating a substantial number of emails.

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