Discovery Green report for 7 Sep 19

DiscoveryGreen PinkAmelia.jpg

Last night was our monthly outreach event at Discovery Green. The park was packed, as usual on a Saturday night. When we arrived around 7:15, Jim King and Jim McLarty were already set up.  Jim McLarty had used his go-to to find Jupiter so I started with views of the moon.  Once Saturn popped out, I switched to it.  We all had long lines at our telescopes until well after 10:00. We finally took down around 10:45. The picture below was taken right after we set up and doesn’t show the long lines. We counted 485 people looked through my telescope.

There were 3 HAS first timers to outreach there, Andres Salaverria and his wife.  Sorry, we didn’t get the other new member’s name. There were also 5 non-HAS people there with telescopes. Three were potential club members. One of them had already attended one of our meetings.

Thanks Jim & Jim for helping out.

Amelia & Steve

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