How low can you observe with the Observatory telescopes

How low can you observe with the Observatory telescopes

Postby edward-fraini » Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:29 am

In going through some old files I found this data on the viewing limitations created by the wall heights. Once before I put this out on Netslyder but thought I would re post it so there would be a searchable record in the Forums. I determined the following altitude limitations by noting the elevation of a number of objects at a point where no part of the OTA was obstructed by the wall. This means you can squeeze out more if you give up some light path.

Here are the altitudes I noted on average: C14 = 23 degree, F7 = 29 degree, F5 = 41 Degree

So you see that with a little bit of exception for the F5 you can certainly observe down to 2X air mass so the original project managers did a pretty good job on the Observatory layout.

Hope this will help you plan your observing sessions when using the Observatory Scopes.
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