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Hey, HAS! The Transit of Mercury is May 9, 2016

PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:54 pm
by rene-gedaly
If you're planning to view the transit of Mercury, how about going the extra effort to get an award? The Astronomical League has paired up with NASA again to put together The Planetary Transit Special Award for Mercury. Not too long ago they did one for Venus. Here's the link:

The requirements look god-awful but I'm not sure they really are. One option requires two observers, separated by some distance, to image the transit.

I think some will be hanging back from TSP to see the transit, some of us may be at the Dark Site, and others of us may be at an outreach event in Houston. If we could buddy up with an imager from at least two of these locations, we're in business.

Now, I'm not an imager. However, for the transit I ordered an adapter from Amazon to connect my cell phone to my 90mm refractor (protected by a solar filter of course). The adapter is an Orion 05306 SteadyPix Pro Universal Camera/Smartphone Mount (Black). Find the video to see how easily it mates up. So, I'm hoping I'll just snap some shots throughout the transit.

Let me know!