SOHO and STEREO Sungrazer Project

SOHO and STEREO Sungrazer Project

Postby steve-fung » Mon Feb 09, 2015 1:37 pm

RichardN recently posted this YouTube video on Netslyder showing Comet ISON's full perihelion pass.

This got me started to search for sungrazing comets online, including on HAS forum, which yielded the following link to "Comet ISON News and Links - 2013" with much of the discussion thanks to our BillK

I also happened to chance upon the SOHO and STEREO Sungrazer Project

This is a "NASA-funded program than enables the discovery and reporting of previously unknown comets in the SOHO and STEREO satellite instrument fields of view. Anyone, anywhere in the world can become a "Comet Hunter", and immediately begin looking for new comets in the spacecraft data. The Sungrazer Project then collects these reports, performs necessary measurements and data reduction, and ultimately turns the comet reports into officially designated comets."

Thus, I read any amateur astronomer/comet hunter can use the data to look for new comets. Any HAS members interested?
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