The Light-Hearted Astronomer Observes Again.

The Light-Hearted Astronomer Observes Again.

Postby kerry-davis » Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:11 am

Back in 1984 I read the most phenomenal book, 'The Light-Hearted Astronomer'. Folks, this is the best book for the novice or non-novice alike! Packed full of advice with quick easy to read chapters, it is full of wit and wisdom. Written by Ken Fulton, the man loves astronomy and It is obvious. As far as useful advice I have read no other book for amateurs which was near as helpful. OK, so that was long ago and the book is out of print and dated(however the principles contained therein still hold true today!)

Now, recently I reread this gem of a book after deciding to get back into astronomy. Then I found out that Ken is coming out with a new book entitled, 'The Light-Hearted Astronomer Observes Again' which has plans for a release at the end of this year. Basically the new book will have all of the prior one included along with Kens commentary added to it. He is brilliant, funny and makes extremely valid points in a most unique way.

So here is the deal, he is seeking partial financial backing for the new publication from $10 on up which comes with varying degrees of goodies based on the contribution. A worthwhile investment if you ask me. He loves the stars and has incisive points to make to help others love the stars. If nothing else, order the book. :)

The link to his new book can be found here: The link to the Facebook page is here:

If you have read The Light Hearted Astronomer you know this is an amazing little book. I can't wait to read The Light Hearted Astronomer Observes Again! If you feel so inclined help him get this book published. :) Didn't know where to post this post so here is where I landed.

Clear skies all,

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