INteresting software..."Where is M13"

INteresting software..."Where is M13"

Postby edward-fraini » Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:30 pm

Here is an interesting piece of software I came across. The program is called “Where is M13”. What it does a cool job of doing is presenting all the Messier Objects positioned correctly in a top down view and on an edge wise view of the Milky Way. I downloaded the windows version; apparently there are apps for both Android and Apple phones. What I learned from playing with it is that not all Globular Clusters are outside the plane of the Milky Way which is what I have heard stated as fact often. Nor are they spread around in a spherical shape. If you look closely at the GC distribution it makes you think there should be a lot more. Secondly I was surprised to see how close the non GC objects are to earth relatively speaking. I guess it makes sense from a detection perspective for the early Astronomers. I alwas had the false belief that the Messier Objects, excluding Galaxies of course, where spread across the Milky Way. They seem to be clustered along a single radial running out from the Milky Way core. Most are in our tiny little off shoot arm or in the nearby vicinity. Lastly it struck me as an anomaly that most of the galaxies on the Messier Object are a above the plane, like 10 to 1 ratio. I am curious as to why that is so. I think that the distribution of Galaxies above and below is equal, but why the presented distribution was observed puzzles me.
Goggle “Where’s M13”, you will find this software interesting.

PS- Posting this under education as there was not a category under software for general stuff, might consider doing this.

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