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Astronomy EPO information

PostPosted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 8:08 pm
by james-newland
I was asked to post a list of my collected astronomy EPO resources. Here goes.

Man do I have a comprehensive response.

I'm part of a program at UT Austin that connects astronomy teachers across Texas with astronomers from UT Austin. It's called EXES (which is an instrument on board SOFIA - the airborne observatory). Dr. Keely Finkelstein is the program director and is in charge of the McDonald summer workshops, and EPO (education & public outreach). I have attended and run some of the McDonald workshops before and can help connect people with program ideas. ... ounce.html

There is a post-doc at UT named Dr. Jeff Silverman that would almost certainly come to Houston and do an astronomy presentation for a school. He already does that in fact. We can certainly ask him for resources and I know he comes to schools in the Houston area for presentations already. His travels are covered by an NSF grant so these are free to schools.

My experience with EPO in general is that often physics and astronomy undergrads are more likely to come to a school for outreach than professors. There are MANY researchers and lecturers who give time and resources for outreach but sometimes it isn't something they TYPICALLY do. Still, all we have to do it ask. UH has a page on the physics department dedicated to EPO. I used to work for Dr. Bering who runs the Mars rover for elementary schools program.

There is also the Rice Space Institute which has done EPO in the past. I think Pat Reiff is doing work with the Discovery Dome company full-time now but I know she's still doing EPO stuff for Rice. Either way contacting RSI for help with HAS outreach is a good idea.

There is HMNS which has the mobile planetarium. It's not free but perhaps the connection HAS and FBAC has with HMNS could mean at least a discount on having the planetarium come out to an event. ... Itemid=279

There are so many astronomy EPO projects that NASA has a clearinghouse

ASP has a great series of projects. ... ect-astro/

The NASA Night Sky Network is also great as was already mentioned by Bram but I'll replicate it here for completeness.

Honestly I have so many educational astronomy resources that there is too much to include here. I'm willing to share experience, materials, and even train others if desired. I also host star parties at Bellaire HS and often invite the area schools. I could make that a priority and open them up to all of the Houston area. Technically they already are open to all but I don't often advertise them beyond the southwest Houston area. There will be one coming up after HISD spring break. I'll post that here for others to share as they see fit. I also have a curriculum guide I wrote for other teachers which can be shared as well.

Ok that's enough to be getting on with! Perhaps I should start an EPO page on my site for all this stuff!