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Links to astro resources shared via Netslyder email list

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:38 am
by rene-gedaly
This topic corrals internet resources that HAS members have shared via Netslyder, the email list server.
Note: Feel free to edit this post to add new resources.

Spot the international space station (ISS):
International study suggests a massive black hole exists in the Sword of Orion:
Chandra detects brightest flare ever observed from Sagittarius A*:
NASA's NuSTAR Spots Flare From Milky Way's Black Hole:
Satellite sighting information:
International Dark Sky Association - Cities from Space - YouTube:
Astronaut Don Pettit’s Flickr page of cities at night: ... /lightbox/
Dark skies at Yosemite:
Weekly Information about Bright Comets:
Dick Locke's basic astrophotography page:
Binocular observing:
2012 Meteor Showers:
AstroLeague Observing Programs:
The first full-color 360 from Curiosity, Gale Crater, Mars, Sol 3, August 9, 2012: