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Alan Hale's eBook

Postby michael-lloyd » Sat Jul 25, 2015 4:11 pm

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I received a nice surprise today. It was an email from Alan Hale. I’m pretty sure that most "HAS people" will know the name. If not, think Hale-Bopp.

On 2/14 of this year I received an email from Alan. He was writing an eBook on comet hunters and was interested in an image if mine. I don’t recall how he found it. Probably unsocial media. We discussed the options (buying, using with recognition, etc) for its use. He didn’t commit to using the image but since, in my world anyway, he is a “celebrity” I happily granted uncompensated use of the image in his eBook (or book for that matter).

The email that I received today confirmed that he did indeed use the image and very graciously acknowledge the source. He also sent a link to the pre-release version of the book (that I can’t and would not share). The book had turned into a memoir of sorts and I think it is pretty interesting. I intended to skim read until I found my image :o) but I ended up reading two chapters. I’ve got a bunch of images from Big Bend to deal with today and tomorrow so I ultimately ended up satisfying my ego (lol) and finding my image. I’ll put link here and drop an image in the forum and the unsocial media site (Facebook, read a fairly old book titled Social Intelligence and you’ll see what I mean by unsocial media).

The following image is of a pictograph that is located in Chaco Canyon near Peñasco Blanco. Most people refer to it was the Supernova pictograph. It is thought to depict not only the supernova of 1054 that created the Crab Nebula but also Halley’s Comet in 1066. That must have been interesting times. The hike to get to it is relatively easy but I wouldn’t want to do it in July, though I have hiked to Pueblo Alto in July. Take water… lots and lots of water.

I edited it to bring out the color of the pictograph but maintain the color of the stone.


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