This Photo Ohhh The Irony

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This Photo Ohhh The Irony

Postby steve-munsey » Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:33 am

this photo Taken BY Smiley N. Pool Hit the nail on the Head.
A picture truly is worth a thousand words.
This photo pretty much sums up my view of NASA and the current state of Americas Space Program.
Not to mention societies mentality these days.
I could fill a few pages with incoherent ranting about this.
To bad I can't make it to tonight's meeting to hear what Eric Berger has to say.
hopefully it be available to members as a podcast.
Thank you Debbie Moran for your NetSlyder link to these articles.

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Re: This Photo Ohhh The Irony

Postby steve-fung » Sun Mar 15, 2015 2:25 am

Steve, I understand your frustration. I gave my rant on NetSlyder already. I too was not able to make it to the March 6 general meeting, but thanks to Rob M, HAS had the presentation recorded. I just finished watching Eric Berger's lecture in the members-only recorded presentations page. Eric's Berger's lecture was very informative and insightful. Although society in general supports NASA and space exploration, the government does not provide NASA sufficient funds to do what it needs to do. The slide in Adrift Seven summed up politics as usual:

1. NASA not a national priority, President uninterested.

2. Stewardship falls to Congress, more interested in districts (i.e. pork) than overall exploration goal.

3. NASA gets funding to support jobs, but has less incentive to fulfill a bold objectives.

While I understand the issues of limited resources, my concern is without an active space program, the younger generation will not have firsthand experience of what it was like to live during the space race era and will more and more feel that space exploration is irrelevant in today's society. I wish we have the equivalent of the National Air and Space Museum in every city to educate the public.
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Re: This Photo Ohhh The Irony

Postby steve-fung » Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:48 pm

Here’s an interesting read, dated October 2014 – Can we justify space exploration when the Earth is in distress?

The following paragraphs sum up my thoughts:

"So why does space exploration, and little else, get the “spend the money elsewhere” reproach? There are a thousand other things—military spending, CEO bankrolls, fossil-fuel industries, big-budget blockbusters, an endless list of unneeded products and services that our consumerist society has given the illusion of necessity—that should receive the same scrutiny. Contrary to aeronautics, they’re downright counterproductive. Whereas they encourage self-indulgence, greed, short-sightedness, and a list of other traits that got us into the mess we’re in, the principles required for space exploration—creativity, curiosity, collaboration, determination, innovation—are exactly what we need to get us out...

Space exploration is the only real way we’ll ever get closer to answering the big questions: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Are we alone? No matter who, what, or where we are, when we ask those questions, we are all human. To reject space exploration is to accept that we’ll never find those answers. Actually, it’s worse. It’s a conscious decision to stop even looking."
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