Weird Craigslist Ad

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Weird Craigslist Ad

Postby melanie-black » Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:56 pm

I found this weird ad on craigslist. I don't even understand what its talking about? WTF does "bustered" mean?

Maybe I am missing something, but is this some kind of spoof or joke? What's this "West Houston Astronomy club?"

The Houston Museum of Natural Science's

George Observatory

Gueymard "Save Our Scope"

Is still BUSTERED!!!

Filled with 500 pounds of CONCRETE!!!

THREE YEARS in the Breaking... and COUNTING!!!

What's it Worth?!

Make an Offer!... :D

**Please note: Last year's Houston Museum of Natural Science's titanic $80,000 "Save Our Scope" campaign resulted in Chris Randal's homemade Concrete Mirror being plugged into the George Observatory director Peggy Halford's bustered Gueymard "Research" Telescope.**

It still hasn't shown anyone ANYTHING for over 3 YEARS!

You won't have to pay lazy George Observatory "Staff Astronomers" a price hiked $7 for this veiw...

Take a look! ... NHLRo5auNg

Happy Bannings and Merry Censorships to Houston Astronomy Godfather's HAG Hooligans! :D

West Houston Astronomy Club is on Facebook!

KEYWORDS: Telescopes, Televue, Telrad, Tinsley, Ethos, Delos, Leica, NASA, Nikon, Paramount, Panoptic, Pelican, Plossl, Denkmeire, Binoculars, Cannon, Celestron, Clave, Meade, Tasco, Takahashi, Galileo, Questar, Obsession, Bushnell, dobsonian, microscope, optic, optical, eyepiece, eyepieces, filter, filters, laser pointer
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Re: Weird Craigslist Ad

Postby henryv1598 » Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:39 am

Without going into any details, this is a known problem. The person posting this ad is a bitter former member of this and several other clubs. It is best not to engage him in any kind of conversation. His posts on craigslist are regularly reported and removed. He tends to be more active this time of year, approaching the Texas Star Party, where he's been informed he is not welcome.

Those who need to know about his behavior are well aware (as are law enforcement authorities).
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