JMI Reverse Binocular Telescopes

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JMI Reverse Binocular Telescopes

Postby brandon-peters » Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:08 am

Hello, new HAS friends! Looking for thoughts on the JMI Reverse Binocular Telescopes. Performed a quick Gear and Equipment Blog search for "JMI" and only saw posts regarding their focuser.

Among a handful of other options, I'm considering either an RB-66 or RB-10 as my first observing gear due to the incredible views reported in multiple reviews... the ~$6500 10" being the upper end of my budget. Initial concerns include the bulk of the 10" and the fact that their designs appear to be nearly 10 years old. Anyone have any practical experience with these that can lend their opinion?

About me: I am quite new to HAS and astronomy in general. Am looking to make a decent investment to bolster my interest, though my initial gotta-buy-a-high-end-photography-capable-scope inclination has worn off. I'm am most interested in putting my dollars into the most mind-blowing deep sky observing scope I can find... within reason of course. Packability and long-term durability are also high on my priority list. Additional near-term investment: good 10x50 set of binoculars.

Thoughtful replies incredibly appreciated!
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