Add 33 objects to your TX45 list with the Messier Marathon!

Add 33 objects to your TX45 list with the Messier Marathon!

Postby rene-gedaly » Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:48 pm

If you're planning to do the 2014 Messier Marathon on March 29, you could also add as many as 33 list objects to your Texas 45 observing program :P

Here's how it breaks down**:

    As many as 18 if you observe until 10 pm: M77, M31, M33, M76, M42, M78, M46, M41, M93, M45, M37, M35, M44, M105, M64, M51, M40, M97.
    Stick around all night and your grand total is 33 objects added to the HAS Texas 45 list, not to mention having finished a Messier Marathon! The after 10 pm list: M104, M13, M92, M27, M5, M11, M16, M17, M6, M4, M8, M20, M23, M15, M30.

** Objects are listed in the order given in Harvard Pennington's book The Year-Round Field Guide to the Messier Marathon.

You can't add Messier objects observed during a marathon to the Astronomical League's Messier lists. But you can add them to the Texas 45! Don't forget to count the one's you see during practice night, the March 1, 2014 prime night.
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