Refresh of the Texas 45 Observing Program

Refresh of the Texas 45 Observing Program

Postby rene-gedaly » Sat Aug 31, 2013 8:30 pm

A refreshed version of the Texas 45, attached here, is now available and includes the following changes:

    •Autumn list object UX PsA, a Cepheid variable, has been replaced by multiple star system Beta Piscis Austrini
    •the Autumn list has been re-sorted to continue the RA order of the Summer list
    •the Observation Log now includes NGC designations along with the common names, a few of which have been changed
    •a single document now includes both the Observation Lists and the corresponding Observation Logs, available in Word and PDF
    •the version level has been updated to September 1, 2013

If you have been working on version 12/25/2012, you may choose to follow that version or the updated one to complete the Texas 45 observing program.

Good luck on the program! I know some of you are due to finish up soon. I've prevented comments to this topic, but feel free to comment on list objects elsewhere in the Texas 45 forum, perhaps with pointers on how to find and recognize list objects.

Rene Gedaly
Program Coordinator
Texas 45
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