Summer & Fall constellations CrA, Del, Gru

Summer & Fall constellations CrA, Del, Gru

Postby rene-gedaly » Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:57 pm

The summer & fall object lists are a bit confusing because they list constellations Corona Australis (CrA), Delphinus (Del), and Grus without an associated object to find. Thanks for pointing that out, Amelia Goldberg.

The intention is to have you identify the constellations themselves. Constellations CrA and Gru are ones that Texans are fortunate enough to be able to spot. This is, after all, the HAS Texas 45 list. As for Delphinus, it's a pretty constellation often overlooked in favor of the summer triangle but which also has a number of interesting deep sky objects within its diminutive borders.

To claim the constellations as spotted naked-eye:
    those working on the silver award should trace the constellation as shown in The Stars: A New Way to See Them by H.A. Rey, or any reasonably detailed planisphere
    those working on all 60 objects for the gold, trace the constellation as above. In addition, use a star atlas that shows the International Astronomical Union (IAU) constellation borders. Then trace the borders to distinguish between stars that are included in the target constellation and those that belong to neighboring constellations.
All three constellations are visible now. Good luck!
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