August, September 2018 - What happened?

August, September 2018 - What happened?

Postby rene-gedaly » Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:14 pm

I think it was Allen Wilkerson who said this year has been the worst weather-wise for astronomy in 10 years. Seems right. There were a few good nights but nothing to plan for. Early October around 3 a.m. I gazed at the coming fall constellations. Nice. Can still see M31 naked eye but it's been two years since I could spot M33 in relatively dark Galveston County by the bird sanctuaries.

I'm at the dark site, hoping we get a few good, clear minutes. Should have a couple of hours actually, but when? Maybe I'll kick back with 8x42 binoculars in the protection of the observatory.

Need to work on my personal observatory, esp the deck. Looking forward to taking another look at the digital setting circles a generous member not only purchased for H.A.S. but installed them also on the f/5. Looks like a new scope.
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