July 2018 - Mars Attacks and Parade of Planets

July 2018 - Mars Attacks and Parade of Planets

Postby rene-gedaly » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:02 pm

What would we do without drako and Lauren and Ed and of course Stephen Jones, aka Mr. VSIG, to remind us what's up and worth looking at? It's already halfway thru July but there is so much left to see. Clear skies, everyone. I just heard thunder. Yikes.

Wed July 11. Jupiter's going nowhere for the second time this year. Literally. If you've been watching it wiggle around in Libra near Zubenelgenubi since January (and before), you've seen it moving eastward, then retrograde to the west in March, and then tonight it comes to a cold stop, after which it resumes its normal eastward motion. This is the kind of cool stuff you might notice if you remember to look up when it's dark, evening and morning.

Sat July 14. The waxing crescent moon will be three full moons south of the Beehive, M44. If you have a clear view to the west, a pair of binoculars will get both. I'm going to give it a try around 8:15 and keep trying until around 8:45 pm. The moon I'll see. I wonder, though, about the beehive. Worth a shot.

Fri July 27, Tue Jul 31 Here's the big one: Mars at opposition on Friday and then at closest approach on Tuesday. Mars has been burning so bright, the full moon will be no problem. The various media are full of info so be looking.

Sat July 28 PARADE of PLANETS. Actually, we've been watching this most of the year but now they're all up in the evening starting at around 8:30 pm, from west to east: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and the moon. Here's a snapshot from SkyTools, simulated to look south from the Dark Site.
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