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April 2018 was better...Luna rules the clearer skies

PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:41 pm
by rene-gedaly
Did you do the thin moon observing Ken gave us a heads up about? The Women's SIG did lunar observing with Debbie in her backyard. The Facebook group has had a lot of sketched, photographed, and reported activity by Lauren, also on the moon, some in her backyard.

As for me, I kept watching the early morning march of planets...earlier and earlier now... but spent clear nights at the dark site when I could. Saw quite a few Virginids as a bonus. So cool thru a large scope.

2nd week of May is the Texas Star Party. Will be waiting for Venus (Tau) to set as usual it seems. Jupiter (Lib) up all night, Saturn (Sgr) and Mars (Sgr) sometime after 01:00 but rising earlier as the week goes on. Maybe I'll bring my refractor; make a little chart for which Wratten #s highlight which planetary features. Good time to get ready for AstroLeague's Mars program, too.