Backyard Geminoids

Backyard Geminoids

Postby edward-fraini » Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:50 pm

My wife and I observed the shower from our backyard located north of the city of Tomball about five miles. Our observations were made early Monday morning and again early Tuesday morning. Both nights after midnight for a couple hours. There was a light fog both nights but there was a hole at zenith from 60 deg to 90 deg in which the transparency was really quite good. In fact I had a first for me that made the sessions well worth while in addition to the meteor show. All of the time we were observing I could see three points of light in the sword of Orion as well as what I refer to as the peak star up above which is Meissa (mag 3.4), seven stars in the ring of Auriga were obvious, and here is the WOW....for the first time ever I could see the five brighter stars in M45 forming a little dipper. I did not take up this hobby till well past 60th birthday so my "mature" eyes have never made this observation before. Always M45 has been a hazy patch. It would fade to a patch occasionally and it was very cool the watch it pop in and out.
The first morning we noted 38 meteors the first hour and 41 the second. Tuesday morning the number of observations dropped to the mid-teens.
I am looking forward to making 2016 a year of meteor observing and hope to get 36 hours complete for the AL program by the end of next year.

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