CANCELLED: Observatory Open House

CANCELLED: Observatory Open House

Postby rene-gedaly » Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:02 am

As of 10:02 12/13/2012, the weather's gone from bad to worse so I am CANCELLING the observatory open house. Hope some of you were able to make it out there for the great weather in the middle of the week (but I'm no longer talking to you, Steve Fast, color me green with envy :mrgreen: )

I have the C-14 telescope reserved for the evenings of December 14 & 15 and am inviting all members to take a peek through the eyepiece.

One of the great resources we have is the HAS Observatory. To operate the scopes, you first need to be trained. But, if you can make it to Columbus on one of the evenings above, you can take a tour of the fall skies while I operate the scope. :D

Last Date for 2012
Dec 15 sunset 5:29 PM moonset 8:26 PM
past dates:
Jul 21 sunset 8:25 PM moonset 9:57 PM
Aug 18 sunset 8:03 PM moonset 8:33 PM cancelled due to weather
Sep 15 sunset 7:31 PM moonset 7:06 PM cancelled due to weather
Oct 6 sunset 7:05 PM moonrise 11:41 PM
Nov 10 sunset 5:33 PM moonset 3:08 PM HAS Flash Picnic

Naval Observatory sun or moon rise/set data:
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Reason: to cancel event
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