Prism v10 software discount

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Prism v10 software discount

Postby chris-ober » Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:38 am

We have a new, added benefit for being a member of HAS. Current members can now receive a 15% discount on Prism software from Hyperion Astronomy. Prism v10 has recently been released in the US after many years of successful deployments in other parts of the world. You can sign up for a free 80 day trial. Yes, 80 day trial. What other software give you that long to evaluate?

To copy a few lines from their web site here:
Prism runs alone and requires no external software to interact with it to operate flawlessly. There is no need for autofocus, guiding, plate solving, ... it is completely autonomous.
Tandem Telescope Imaging |Automation | Scientific Analysis | Plate solving | Autofocus | Autoguiding | Skychart | Mount Modeling | Automatic NEO/Supernova detection | Processing | Spectroscopy | Photometry
All this in one package…no paid-for addons needed. No more having to use multiple programs.

Check out the FAQ here, a comparison of the different versions here and value here
Sign up for a trial and when you’re ready to buy, email me for a one time promotion code to receive your 15% discount.
To see other special offers available to HAS members, visit this link: ... ial-offers
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