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PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:38 am
by monica-carrillo
I've seen that there will be a waning gibbous moon on the night of the meteor shower (August 12-13) that might inhibit it's visibility.

I'm trying to decide whether or not I should go out to Brazos Bend State Park and camp to try to view it.

Will it be worth going out there? Will I be able to see it?


PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:39 pm
by edward-fraini
Last year we had 27% moon illumination during this event and over a one hour period starting at midnight I only saw one trail the first night. The next night, second night of the shower, I recorded 10 in a two hour period. This was from my back yard up near Magnolia which is not as dark as where you would be going. By comparison we observed a rate of 38 per hour during a recent Gemini shower with only 8% illumination.

I would not say definitively that the moon was the issue for our poor Perseids results, just might have been a smaller shower overall. I certainly would not discourage you from giving it a try.