Eric from Katy/far west Houston

Eric from Katy/far west Houston

Postby eric-bressler » Sat Nov 28, 2020 5:32 pm

Copied and pasted from the HAS Facebook page: Hello everyone! I’ve been interested in astronomy, and science in general, all my life. My formal education is in the geosciences, but I never had an opportunity to take a single course in astronomy.

I’ve wanted a scope for years, but I couldn’t justify to my wife the purchase of a nice new scope (I’ve got other hobbies that require expensive gear too) so a couple years ago, I bought a couple junker Meade ETX-90 units on ebay and assembled one frankenstein version. Long story short, I was able to see Jupiter and the Galilean moons, and also Venus (clearly enough to see that it was 3/4 phase). I was hooked, but I didn’t pursue it any further, as I lived in Alaska, where dark skies correspond with cold temperatures.

Back here in Houston, more recently, I’ve been pondering what activities I can pursue that would involve my kids/family more than some of my other pursuits. Voila! Astronomy! This could involve more camping (time with family), which would mean getting the kids away from their screens. Also, astronomy allows me to share my passion for science with the kids, and hopefully increase their sense of awe and wonder, and hopefully boost their interest in all things science (it’s amazing how astronomy involves so many of the other scientific disciplines).

Having lived in Houston years ago, I recalled looking into, and finding, star parties that were open to the public, and which were held at a park somewhere in the Houston area. When I recently looked into this, I discovered HAS, and knew I needed to join!

I plan to upgrade my scope soon, as I’d like better views of the planets, and to be able to see some DSOs. I’ve never done any astrophotography, but I’m very interested in attempting some beginner level work with my DSLR and the ETX. Believe I will need to purchase a few adapters to get started.

There’s my quick brain dump intro. Thanks for having me! I look forward to meeting other members, to learning more, and to seeing what other wonders our sky has to offer.
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Re: Eric from Katy/far west Houston

Postby rene-gedaly » Tue Dec 01, 2020 1:20 pm

Hi, Eric! Welcome again. So jealous you're in Katy and so close to the Dark Site. Have you taken your site orientation yet? If so--and you can take it now as it's online--let me encourage you to get to the Novice Lab this Saturday. I'll also have the Dob Shed Cafe open so swing by and get a hot cuppa. The welcome email has the how-tos or look along the right panel of the website. Also, be sure to log in. Another universe (ha!) opens up to members when we do.
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