Monthly Club Meetings

Join us at the University of Houston on the first Friday of each month!

HAS meetings feature a variety of speakers and topics of interest to the amateur astronomer. Each meeting consists of a Novice session at 7PM and General session at 8PM. At each general meeting, the program committee arranges for a speaker to talk on a topic of interest to the amateur astronomer. Some talks given over past years include:

July 06, 2018: July Monthly Membership Meeting

7:00PM. Novice Meeting: Observing the Planets (VP Joe Khalaf)
8:00PM. General Meeting: Building of the Dark Site and TSP wrap-up (Steve Goldberg)

One of the best assets of the Houston Astronimical Society is the Columbus Dark Site. First aquired in 1979, the land has been transformed from heavy underbrush to an astronomy village. Tonite’s presentation will show this transformation over the last 38+ years.

Also on the agenda is a wrap-up of the latest Texas Star Party, including impressions from first-time attendees.

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