2022 Eldorado Star Party, October 24-29, 2022

October 24, 2022, 12:00PM: 2022 Eldorado Star Party, October 24-29, 2022

As a service to our members, we are posting information about the major star parties held in the South Central US.
Planning to attend? Let’s make it a HAS Field Trip! Email [email protected] to help get things started.
-Rene Gedaly, HAS Field Trip & Observing

2022 Star Parties in the South Central US
Star Party Dates Nearest Town For more info: 
Texas Star Party
HAS field trip!
Apr 24-May 1, 2022 Fort Davis, TX https://texasstarparty.org
UBarU Aug 25–Aug 28, 2022 Mountain Home, TX https://ubaru.org/home/starParty
Okie-Tex Sep 23–Oct 1, 2022 Kenton, OK http://www.okie-tex.com/
Eldorado Star Party October 24-29, 2022 Eldorado, TX https://eldoradostarparty.org/


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