October Regular Meeting - Online via Zoom

October 07, 2022, 7:00PM: October Regular Meeting - Online via Zoom

“Electronic Assisted Astronomy (EAA), what is it? How can it be used for Outreach?”

With: Carlos Maria Arieu

and Jeff Lepp

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Abstract –  If you have ever been to a dark site and been amazed at the thousands of stars and celestial objects you can see and observe, only to later become frustrated by light pollution when observing from your backyard where only a few stars are visible, then EAA might be for you. Carlos Maria Arieu will share how he started his EAA journey in
his light polluted backyard.

You will learn how using EAA can allow you to keep on observing galaxies, nebulae, globular clusters, planets and more objects, and take their amazing images to share with family and friends. This presentation will help you make an educated decision as to whether EAA is what you need to keep you engaged in observing the amazing night sky!

Jeff Lepp will take you one step further on your tour of EAA by letting you see what a powerful tool EAA can be for astronomy outreach by describing how EAA was used to restart outreach at the George Observatory during COVID-19 and into the future of a post pandemic era, and how it can be a compliment to and not a replacement for visual observing outreach.

Our Speakers

Carlos Maria Arieu joined the Houston Astronomical Society more than 2 years ago, when he decided to spend more time and effort learning and observing the heavens in a more systematic and dedicated way. After returning home after observing at the HAS dark site, he would set up his 8 inch Dobsonian to his backyard, only to become frustrated by the lack of visible objects in a suburban night sky. This motivated Carlos to find a way beyond the barrier of light pollution,so he could observe at home and also allow him to capture images to share his backyard celestial observations.

Carlos has completed the HAS Texas 45 Observing Program and also performed EAA for all Messier Objects, keeping a photographic “Saved Exactly As Seen” image of each one. He is also the moderator of the HAS EAA Special Interest Group, meeting via Zoom monthly. As an elementary teacher, he shares his sky images and experiences with his students and fellow teachers who show interest!

Jeff Lepp has been active in amateur astronomy in the Houston area for the last nine years, first as a member of the Fort Bend Astronomy Club  (FBAC) and later as an HAS member.  Jeff served as Vice President of FBAC for two years and currently serves as coordinator and committee co-chair of FBAC’s 18 inch Newtonian located in the East Dome at the George Observatory. An avid astrophotographer, Jeff was able to combine his enthusiasm for outreach with astrophotography by using EAA to help the George Observatory reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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