CANCELLED Perseid Meteor Shower and Picnic at Columbus Dark Site

August 11, 2018, 6:00PM: CANCELLED Perseid Meteor Shower and Picnic at Columbus Dark Site

Unfortunately the weather has not cooperated with us this weekend.  The forecast for Columbus is calling for 60-80 % afternoon and evening t-storms along with 80-90 % cloud cover.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I am cancelling the Perseid Meteor Shower Picnic and Party scheduled for Saturday 8.11.18. 

Many thanks to those who pitched in to help organize this event: Rene Gedaly, Chris Ober, Mike Edstrom, Sherry Irby, Lisa Herrington-Morgan, and Marc Morgan. And thanks to all those who offered to volunteer their services at the event.  You all help make things much easier.

Fortunately, we have a bunch going on in the near term from A-Day and the All Clubs Meeting to some really great Outreaches.  Come out and enjoy!

Jim King


The 2018 Perseid Meteor Shower promises to be one of the more spectacular in recent history. On Sat., Aug 11, 2018, mark your astronomical calendars to join your fellow enthusiasts at the Columbus Dark Site to enjoy a picnic-style covered-dish (or open-bag) dinner and camaraderie followed by an evening of extreme meteor show-time.

According to Astronomy, "The Perseids feature a slow (two week) buildup to maximum...and many bright trails visible for several seconds...

In 2018, the New Moon fortuitously occurs on August 11th...with the shower's peak, which falls on the night of August 12, and the morning of the 13th." (Sunday night and Monday morning)

So, the "peak" is on the 12th, with the entire show active from July 17th to August 24th.  This year, with the Moon out of the picture, the peak shower will be 80 to 90 per hour from a dark site (that's us).  The days immediately leading up to the 12th should  be nearly as impressive, plus will not necessitate one having to make up excuses (or lies) for missing work.  Or worse, falling asleep at the switch, so to speak.

All that will be required for observing is a (preferably) reclining lounge chair, some snacks, liquid refreshment and bug spray. Use of binoculars and telescopes will likely interfere with the show.

One of the many things TSP taught me is that observing with friends is the way to go.  This will be your chance to oooohh and aaaahh with a herd of like-minded enthusiasts.

In the coming weeks, I will be asking for participants to bring some accessories (chips, 'tater salad, slaw, COOKIES, and other like-stuff)  to some (possibly) Chick-Fil-A Nuggets supplied by HAS.  I will also be seeking some volunteers to help as I have NEVER tried to do this before. I know I have NO intention of cooking anything in this heat...but other than that, I'll be seeking some guidance from the experienced pro's.  So, please, don't be shy.

This should be fun for all...and that's the point.

I'll be in touch

Jim King

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