RESCHEDULED: HAS Texas 45 Fall List at Dark Site

November 11, 2017, 5:00PM: RESCHEDULED: HAS Texas 45 Fall List at Dark Site


Let’s do the HAS Texas 45 together! This is an easy list and the class is open to all. Members of the WSIG are the instructors. Many objects are on the November SkyMap.

Please be set up in the Observatory parking lot by 5 pm if you are comforable using your telescope. If you need minor help setting up your scope, be set up as well as you can by 4:30 pm. For those without a telescope, I’ll also have the club’s 12” Dobsonian reflector ready for us to use

  • Bring your own telescope and I'll help you use it. If your scope does not have a Telrad or red dot finder, let me know. Using and aligning a "unit finder" is a skill we all need to have. 
  • Bring binoculars, a red flashlight, and a planisphere or a printed copy of the November SkyMap.
  • Reserve a bunk (female, family, and male) at
  • RSVP to
Texas 45 objects we'll attempt 
  • Fomalhaut, naked eye star, on SkyMap
  • Beta Piscis Austrini, naked eye/binocular to find, telescope to split double star system, on SkyMap but not labelled
  • Grus, naked eye constellation, on SkyMap
  • Achernar, naked eye star, among the trees but may be able to see bright blue star on meridian due south at 10:45p, worth the attempt
  • h Persei, aka NGC 869 and one half of the Double Cluster, binocular object, on SkyMap
  • Chi Persei, aka NGC 884, other half of the Double Cluster, binocular object, on SkyMap
  • Muscle Man Cluster, aka Stock 2, binocular or small telescope, not on SkyMap but worth it and in​ the​ same neighborhood ​as the Double Cluster
  • ET Cluster, aka NGC 457, binocular and small telescope object, ​not on SkyMap but ​in the suburbs of the Double Cluster
  • Andromeda Galaxy, M31, naked eye for some, binocular​ object​ to take it all in, on SkyMap
  • Pinwheel Galaxy, M33, binocular or telescope (or naked eye for some!), on SkyMap
  • Evening solar system objects: Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Rain Date: Friday, Nov 17, 2017. To join the WSIG, the Women’s Special Interest Group, contact

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