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Name Personal Website Observing Clubs
dana-lindstrom's picture
Dana Lindstrom
Personal Website
michael-lloyd's picture
Michael Lloyd
justin-mccollum's picture
doug-mccormick's picture
Doug McCormick
  • Master Observer
    (The 1st Master Observer for HAS)
  • Double Star
  • Urban Observing
  • Universe Sampler
  • Lunar
  • Sunspotters
  • Messier
  • Caldwell
  • Binocular Messier
  • Solar System Observers
  • Herschel 400
  • Deep Sky Binocular
susette-mcneel's picture
Susette McNeel
scott-mefferd's picture
Scott Mefferd
Personal Website
ken-miller's picture
Ken Miller
Personal Website
  • Messier
kailash-mirpuri's picture
Kailash Mirpuri
  • HAS Texas 45
scott c-mitchell's picture
Scott C Mitchell
  • Messier
larry-mitchell's picture
Larry Mitchell
  • Messier
  • Herschel 400
bartlett-moore's picture
Bartlett Moore
Personal Website
  • Analemma
debbie-moran's picture
Debbie Moran
rob-morehead's picture
Rob Morehead
dale-morningstar's picture
Dale Morningstar
chris-ober's picture
Christopher Ober
Personal Website
  • Lunar
  • Messier
  • Herschel 400
  • Caldwell


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