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Go Observe!


Learn how to read it the clear sky chart.

U.S. Naval Observatory Sun and Moon Data

What's in the Sky Tonight?

The Evening Sky Map is an excellent resource for beginners. Skymaps are produced monthly, each with a list of interesting objects and basic instructions for using the map.
Audio Sky Tour (Sky and Telescope) This monthly podcast gives a guided tour of the heavens.
This Week's Sky at a Glance (Sky and Telescope)
Events in the changing sky for the current week.
Aaron Clevenson's What's Up Doc?
A spreadsheet of over 2000 deep sky objects for easy selection of what to look at tonight.

Planning, Charting and Recording Observations

Astronomical League Observing Clubs AL Observing Programs are a great way to get started and to focus your observing sessions.
Observing Forms and Templates
Download PDF observing form templates from Belt of Venus
SkyTools Software One of the premier session planning and logging packages. HAS members enjoy 50% off, see the Special Offers in the Member Features section.
AstroPlanner Software
Cross-platform session and observation planning; version 2 runs well on this webmaster's Mac.

Observation Techniques

Observing Double Stars(PDF) From the Tucson AA Association, a solid primer on observing Double Stars.