Science Fair Awards and Texas Star Party Wrapup

June 10, 2011: Science Fair Awards and Texas Star Party Wrapup

Novice Meeting: 7:00PM
Novice Meeting Topic: 
The Spring and Summer Constellations
Novice Meeting Speaker: 
Justin McCollum, HAS Novice Chair, FBAC, NHAC, ASSET
General Meeting: 8:00PM
General Meeting Speaker: 
Richard Nugent, HAS Education Chair, IOTA and Steve Goldberg, HAS Past President
Parking and Directions (View Map)

Meetings are held in the Science & Research building at the University of Houston Main Campus. The novice meeting is in room 116, the general meeting is in room 117.

Parking is available in lot 15F as shown in the accompanying diagram (provided by the University of Houston Parking Director Paul Lozano). This site is off Cullen Boulevard, just south of the new parking garage. The University of Houston has been provided a list of meeting dates for the Houston Astronomical Society to the end of 2013. UH campus police have those dates on their calendar and will not issue citations for HAS attendees.
Map to Lot 15F